Clinic Policies


Please call us to book an appointment. The receptionist will ask you for the reason for the appointment in order to best prepare for your visit (e.g. complete physicals or Pap tests require a longer appointment time). If you require a form or note to be completed at your visit, let the receptionist know in advance. We have a limited amount of same day appointments available for urgent issues. Please try to call early in the morning for these as the appointments get booked up quickly each day. Patients are booked with their own physician to ensure continuity of care. However, if your physician is not available and you require a same day appointment, we will offer you an appointment with another physician in the clinic when possible.

We require 24 hours notice for appointment cancellations, otherwise there will be a charge to the patient for all missed appointments. The reason for this policy is to avoid “wasted” appointment slots so that we can maintain patient access to our clinic and instead offer these times to other patients who need to see their doctors. Of course, if there are unforeseen circumstances please let us know and we will take that into consideration.

Uninsured Services

Uninsured services are services that are not covered by the provincial health plan, otherwise known as the Medical Services Plan (MSP). The cost of these services are the patient’s responsibility. Please contact our staff to find out current rates. In some instances your employer or private insurer may reimburse you for certain fees when they require the service. The rates we charge are consistent with the Doctors of BC private fee guide rates, and in many instances we charge the patient less than the recommended rates (e.g. for work/school notes). If a fee would represent a financial hardship to you, please let us know and we will take that into consideration.

Examples of uninsured services include:

  • Missed appointments & less than 24 hours’ cancellation notice
  • Medical/sick notes for work/school/gyms/etc
  • Forms, including those for work/school, parking passes, disability tax credits, trip cancellations, and work disability leaves
  • Driver’s physical examinations
  • School/work/camp physical examinations
  • Complete physical examinations not covered under MSP (note MSP does not cover routine complete physical examinations for healthy individuals)
  • Transfer of records to another health provider
  • Photocopying of clinical records
  • Cryotherapy for cosmetic skin lesions or most warts in adults
  • Summary reports for medical legal or private insurance matters
  • Prescription refills via phone/fax *** Note as a rule we do not provide routine prescription refills by phone/fax as the doctors need to see their patients to reassess their conditions and ensure their medical investigations are up to date when refilling medications. For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic there is no fee to patients for phone/fax refills, but we do ask patients to still book phone appointments with their doctor to review their medical condition.


Patients are expected to book appointments to follow-up on the results of their investigations. The clinic will contact you if the doctor needs to see you to review your result. However, in some instances we may not have yet received a test result, especially if it was ordered by another specialist doctor involved in your care. If you have not heard from our clinic about a result you were expecting to receive, please contact us to ensure we have received the report. In general most blood test results would be back within a few business days and most imaging reports within 1-2 weeks. For privacy and medical reasons, office staff cannot disclose your results to you over the phone.


If you have been referred to a specialist, you will either be contacted by our office or the specialist’s office with the appointment details (each specialist office varies in their individual notification policies). Please check your contact information is up to date with our front staff. In most cases, you should expect to hear about the status of the referral within a couple of weeks. This can vary widely depending on the specialty and is outside of the control of family physicians due to different wait lists for each specialist office. However, it is important you notify our clinic if you have not heard about your specialist appointment within approximately two weeks so we can follow-up on the status of the referral for you. We require all patients to book an appointment with their family doctor to get a re-referral to their specialist so we can ensure all appropriate investigations are up to date.